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A.A.D. (Artificial Atmosphere Design)

Polyester resin sculpture

A.A.D. (2012) was born out of Bart Eysink Smeets’ fascination with the fake.

He investigates the clash that occurs when we use fake items, which lack all personality, to add character to our lives. Fake flowers, fake woodprint, fake fireplaces, fake handwriting and now the plastic man named A.A.D. are all fine examples of Artificial Atmosphere Design.

A.A.D is the perfect friend, he will smile in all situations, he will always listen, he’s easy to clean, and he doesn’t have the inconveniences of a real person. Like the artificial world around us, A.A.D is a phenomenon left to the viewer to provide him with life.

A.A.D. is a life size man made of plastic and he is available in a wide range of colours.

On display:

2012: Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show

2013: Salone di Mobile, Milan

2014: Self Unself, New York

2014: Shenzen, China

2014: Taiwan

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