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The double, 2021 - still going on

Mixed media

My parents told me I was unique. I've always believed that. My entire generation consists of unique, special individuals. If you don't feel happy, you can now see a hypnotist, acupuncturist, hapnotherapist or psychiatrist to find out what makes you unique, because that is the problem. When you're doing something that someone else can do just as well, depression is inevitable. Do what makes you happy, my parents said. If you don't get happy then at least you can't blame them.

This is the individualistic society. Like any ideology, it feels like the logical reality, but I think in 50 or 100 years we will look back and laugh. Laugh at how the marketing of capitalism made us believe we were unique individuals with slogans like ‘Er is maar één Nederlander zoals jij', 'Have it your way' and 'Think Different'.

I want to break open this ideology. And I think I found a way. If I prove that I am not unique, and thereby prove that no one is unique, I may well shake the foundations of today.

As of today, I'm going to look for my doppelganger and I hope that eventually, together with a whole herd of Barts, I can usher in a new era.

So if you know someone that looks like me? Please let me know! 

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